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Elizabeth B.

RT @ScannersInc: “@RedBullUK: Photo of the Day: All roads lead to Rio for the BC One final. http://t.co/JSkGufYT @redbullbcone " #fresh


6 years ago

Cynthia Campanaro

@Aleks_Stosich @rghall roads out here were very slippery bc they don't salt the country...but took hubby 2 1/2 hrs to get home from Burl.


6 years ago


Been in horrible traffic for an hour bc of a wreck or something. Even back roads are bad. 5 miles away...think ill run it!


6 years ago

Katie Criazzo

@AlexaDumigan I know!! The roads were too slippery ****** but don't be too sad bc IM SEEING YOUR PRETTY FACE TOMORROW! **


6 years ago

April Warner

RT @maleacathrine: I take back roads everywhere bc I always drive 80


6 years ago

Chance Williams

Try not to think about what might have been bc that was then and we have taken diff roads


6 years ago

sean wilde

@Jpenner70 Alberta and bc have it right! No salt = no animals going on the roads to lick the roads. #roadkill


6 years ago

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