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Rosalie Sabatino

@realDonaldTrump Google censoring free speech via Viacon - Regulate as utility! Prager University & Dave Rubin! Bri…

4 hours ago

Philip K. Lyon

I’m so proud of Mckenzie going to Music Camp at Lee this year! I’m so grateful for a great church, WFCOG, who paid…

4 hours ago

Tammy Rainey * Warren2020

RT @Newsweek: Academics rally behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over concentration camp comments

6 hours ago

Tammy Bosley

@Kcoope5Katie You need to tell @audreyvohs about your Penguin Star Camp! #InspireTitle1

21 hours ago

Tammy Kerwood

RT @kaci150: MORE responses to @AOC from Holocaust survivors!! Holocaust survivors respond to AOC's 'concentration camp' comments in new v…

23 hours ago

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