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So im watching marriage boot camp.. Hip hop edition.. Like my fav couples are tammy and waka a d dime and her man..…

1 hour ago

#T H I M S L I C K

Y’all be watching marriage boot camp reality stars edition? The way Tammy talk & act towards waka is EXACTLY how I…

4 hours ago

Gray Mark Intl

In Bid to Change Culture, Burning Man Boots Camp Catering to Wealthy and Adjusts Pricing

12 hours ago


I love Tammy and Waka relationship I really fw this marriage boot camp show💯

15 hours ago


RT @TickingTom_BOMB: Tammy and waka are funny af on marriage boot camp lol

21 hours ago

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Ari Fleischer

If Ds think a wall is racist, wasteful and won’t make us safer, what do they want to do with existing walls? Do the…

1 month ago

Stephanie Ruhle

Our governent is shut down & federal workers are going WITHOUT PAY, meanwhile Treasury Secretary @stevenmnuchin1 is…

1 month ago

Andrés Pastrana A

La triste realidad como consecuencia de la Narcotirania en #Venezuela hace difícil conseguir a San Nicolás por 3 ra…

1 month ago

Jeannie Weber

RT @thebradfordfile: Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris ignore the tent cities, used needles and human feces littering the st…

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