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Kate Willett

folks in the mentions asking me if I understood Bernie's policies before: no, I did not. I was consuming the NYTime…

1 week ago

Mohammed Alsherebi | محمد الشريبي

"Before I die I want to see the ME region to become the other new developed region".. Europe shows us some real ex…

5 days ago

jenny from the block

@AudraEqualityMc ‘s voice is the last thing i want to hear before I die that is all

just now

∽シMarilyn Edmond∽

RT @CalebCity: Those last seconds be crucial to how much effort I want to put into plugging my phone up💀💀💀. I be doing the most only for my…

54 seconds ago

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Bernie Sanders

I believe you should be able to get cancer treatment even if you are poor. I believe you should be able to go to a…

1 month ago

Twitter Moments

K-pop fans are sending #HappyBirthdayTaehyung wishes to the @BTS_twt singer, known as V.

1 month ago

Barack Obama

If there’s one thing I love about @RepJohnLewis, it’s his incomparable will to fight. I know he’s got a lot more of…

1 month ago


@BDUTT Your anticipated news is the best news I heard after a few days hearing of danga and fasaad everyday, welcome 2020.

1 month ago

särah ♡

kinda wish i had someone

1 month ago