Bender tweets


@TheSirDre I'm mad you're the last pussy bender

7 years ago


Yoiki seng bender~ RT @Bobbymiftah My life My rules

7 years ago

Andrew Daniels

RT @WalmartNewsroom: Michael Bender, President of Walmart West, shares his reaction to the #BlackFriday protests, & the #facts vs th ...

7 years ago

Erik Bender

God gave me variety

7 years ago

Ry Murdoch

RT @LAbes7: Three day bender, not happy about it, thanks to @JTAdamz or @rymurdoch the kids are huge beauties.

7 years ago


@JeremyHasAids I just want to sleep my life away

7 years ago

Jeremy Monarch

@princess_bender me too, high five. Except I'm watching the Bourne movies

7 years ago

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