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@wueKKuZREEh11g3 わぁぁありがとうございます!(*' ')*, ,)✨ペコリ

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MAD//Fest Co-Founders Dan & Ian will be talking at Soho x Talk on the 29th October 6.30pm at Wagamana Noodle Lab…

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@Wagamama_hime__ 名前→我儘姫さん 通話→しましょ! LINE or Skype交換→ぜひ! 遊べるか→ぜひぜひ! 好きか嫌いか- →好き! 付き合ったら…→我儘を聞きます笑笑 一言→ぜひ第- 五人格しましょう!

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I think maybe masumi reminds me of tamaki...i duno they both kinda talk w a lower pitch and a bit slower...and a bit wagamama

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@tomaru080 お疲れ様です!

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