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Dinesh D'Souza

IRS audits are in practice a shakedown. The IRS tallies up every bank deposit paying no attention to where it came…

1 day ago

Jack Monroe

And if you’re on a prepay meter, please see the @fuel_bank website for details of whether you can get a FREE £49 fu…

21 hours ago

Mariam Barghouti مريم البرغوثي

Israel launched a military onslaught on Gaza under pretext of targeting Islamic Jihad, today they killed Ibrahim Na…

13 hours ago


RT @way4422: Just remember if your white English working class married or single and you can't afford to eat heat your home this winter you…

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Judd Legum

1. Prior to Citizens United, billionaires spent a negligible amount on federal elections Today, billionaires are u…

3 weeks ago

Peter Obi

shift the National psyche from consumption to production and from sharing dwindling resources to creating wealth an…

3 weeks ago

Claudia Webbe MP

UK billionaires could give everybody in the country a £5,000 payment and still be richer than they were before the…

3 weeks ago

Laxleem thetailorman

RT @arahmeedhey: Olamide has been praised by people for giving portable a platform, must Olamide also be the one to help him with characte…

3 weeks ago

Alamin Garba

RT @mousausmann: Wealth and knowledge are universal resources. You can find them anywhere.

3 weeks ago