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Paul Joseph Watson

EXCLUSIVE: PayPal has BANNED Infowars, citing "intolerance" and "hate". What's next? Conservatives not allowed to…

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Ian Austin

This is completely bonkers. Jeremy wanted to boycott the club he says he supports because of some link to the Israe…

22 hours ago

Trevor Ncube

People spoke. Government listened. SOLUTION: Scrap buying of cars for ministers etc 1. Provide financing facilit…

1 day ago

Hops and Chords

RT @ThomasPence8: Can’t believe Franklin Grahams statement! SO....if I took a gun and shot it at someone?....and missed. Would that be atte…

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Janéy Tiana

RT @lovelyanalu17: I’m tired of you asking for my bank information or to buy gift cards. If you do not use cashapp, Venmo, or PayPal then I…

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