Best Selling Female Artist tweets

Elphadonna Ciccone

Statistics and numbers shows that #Madonna is the best selling female recording artist in history. So please shut up.

9 years ago

Ben Fowler

@Alex_Folds Greatest female artist of all time in what category? Not best selling. Maybe whining about men in every song ** lol

9 years ago

▲ Affieq Adenan ▲

200 million records sold WW, highest paid female musician, 400++ awards, the best selling female artist of the decade. BRITNEY SPEARS

9 years ago


#11 best selling female artist in the USA

9 years ago


@meaa17 @SaryElSouky @elissakh re-check allous is nominated as best female artist. Best clip tesada2 bemin & best selling album #As3adwa7da

9 years ago

Jack Lineker

@staceyy89 :O. Britney Spears is the best selling female artist of the decade!! There is nothing cringe about that ;)

9 years ago


I liked a @YouTube video CELINE DION 2008: The Best Selling Female Artist Of All Time

9 years ago

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