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Neil Burdick

@VitalVegas Heard he took care of the dealers, as he should. Any truth to this....? p1V8

6 days ago

Latest tweets that mention “Demi Lovato Visits Kenya |”

Sambit Patra

While interacting with Journalists in Hyderabad Rahul Gandhi says He doesn’t believe in any form of “Hindutva”..peo…

5 days ago

Jay Bilas

Not only have I done it, I did it, I lived it. Delivered it myself, yeah, I'm making house visits. I gotta go to work.

5 days ago

Michael Avenatti

Thank you @VaughnHillyard for the thorough piece.

4 days ago


@Kenya_Rabadan22 @rawrilydino28 @MestasNicole @BeBrizzzy Wait Wut ?

4 days ago

Rosa Ayala

RT @AFP: VIDEO: Avocado is the new fruit darling in the West, praised for its nutritional benefits, and Kenya, the world's sixth largest ex…

4 days ago