Best Treadmill tweets

claire allen

Watching @michaelbuble Christmas special while on the treadmill! Not the best running music but a great show. #BubleXmas

7 years ago

BH North America

Get on a BH and try the 20 minute 300-calorie treadmill challenge.

7 years ago

Nina Stauffer

Trash TV is the best to workout to. I can't look away. I wore that treadmill out.

7 years ago

Mother Runner

Treadmill workouts from @RunnersWorld Perfect for use on @NordicTrack in our #running #giveaway

7 years ago

katielynn romano

Dancing on the treadmill, probably not the best of ideas ** #ravegirlproblems #iLove #edm #musicistheanswer #

7 years ago


Just ran a mile on the treadmill and took a shower after a hella long day at work. My mood is the best it's been since Saturday.

7 years ago

Shelby Blanton

Talking with your best friend for an hour on the treadmill isn't going to make you lose weight any faster.

7 years ago

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