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@sambeverly97 You don’t find yourself, you create yourself.

2 weeks ago

Steve Rivas

Don’t leave money on the table. A smart refi may be all it takes to lower your payment and create more space in you…

2 weeks ago

Listening to Pantera & Iron Maiden

Not going to create a Spotify account until Revo releases the Bravely stuff. Not really a big deal cause I have all the cds anyway

3 weeks ago

David Logan

@Captain_Revo The only thing that isn't Star Trek are people who don't like Star Trek. "The glory of creation is in…

3 weeks ago

Christopher Rimell

@feanorofvalinor @Captain_Revo @Exiled_Timelord "I never thought I'd see a resonance cascade, let alone create one"…

3 weeks ago

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