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Microsoft SharePoint

[New] #SharePoint site templates for schools and universities, available via the SharePoint look book. These templa…

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Microsoft Teams

Not muting your mic is the new reply all. 😒 Ctrl+Shft+M to quickly mute your mic. Discover more essential keyboar…

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Survival Outdoors Products

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Sports Fitness

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Kamala Harris

87 days left until Election Day. That’s 87 days to make a difference. 87 days to phone bank. To get people register…

21 hours ago


We just had a voter registration dinner party in Pennsylvania & registered 7 voters. Every single one registered as a Republican.

1 day ago


My friend just texted me: “Scott, I just registered an 86-year-old former democrat, who hasn’t voted since Jimmy…

1 day ago

Stephen Jones

RT @ScottPresler: Registered a new voter! +1 for @realDonaldTrump in Pennsylvania

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