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RT @CaptnMad: @Cryptopia_NZ Did Grant Thornton not state that the funds held by Cryptopia were not Cryptopia's and they were simply a third…

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Connect East Mids

New year, new home for Grant Thornton’s Leicester team

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Incubateur SABOUTECH

✅ La #base, c’est être #motivé ✊ -> Excellent début de #week-end ! Avec le soutien de : @Rio Tinto | @vivendi |…

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Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis

It's 2023, and Jackson still doesn't have water. In the same state where the government stole $77 million in chil…

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Simply Red

Don’t let Harry and Meghan, Covid, Strikes, Putin’s war in Ukraine distract you from the fact that Brexit is failin…

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TX Freedom Fighter

@aforhj Yes, and Denmark has a 50% income tax to pay for such madness. Sorry, I have better uses for my money.

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Dr. Donna Bickford

RT @RepJerryNadler: For all of their talk about the deficit, the first bill House Republicans are bringing to the floor this Congress incre…

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