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I try not too get jealous. But i cant help it. Theres always gonna b others who are betten me and are gonna do things for you dat i cant

10 years ago

septhee zharh

im've gotta let it go...i'd betten run runaway thankyu sweet my lady *bnr g seh tulisane begono?*

10 years ago

Miguel Angel Reyna™

RT @SnoopyMenna: @itsMiguel_Reyna well I'm betten on you:)

10 years ago


@itsMiguel_Reyna well I'm betten on you:)

10 years ago

Est. Dec. 24, 1997

A huge difference betten cher lloyd then on the xFactor & now, but ever since then, I've been a fan! ♥♪

10 years ago


But Its Time Wen Dem Rams Step On Da Court Im Betten Whoever

10 years ago

Brittany Betten

Ready for game day! #godawgs #dognation

10 years ago

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