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Lou Dobbs

Invasion Stops Now, or We Lose USA--Mexico Decides to Support Onslaught Against Our Border: More than 2,000 migran…

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Andrea Jenkyns MP #StandUp4Brexit

Staying silent will have great repercussions for our country, our democracy & our party. Inaction will not be forgi…

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Tony Shaffer

This is a threat - it matters not if they are armed or not - this is a planned movement and this is not spontaneous…

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RT @Independent: Jamal Khashoggi lookalike was on the 15-man team dispatched to abduct or murder the journalist

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CartersCollectablesUK: antique, vintage etc things

🆕NEW LISTING #Vintage / #retro #Crystal / #glass bear and bear cub #deskweight #BestOffers considered #CFS7489…

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100T Nadeshot

You ever realize that buildings don’t make the earth any heavier because the materials were already on it?

1 month ago

Ken Jennings

This is true, in the sense that "constructing federal office buildings" is LITERALLY how you get Timothy McVeigh.

1 month ago

Set Animals

RT @MoonOverlord: daily routine -wake up -drink water + expresso -log onto pc and readjust my charts as the red candles have exited the bo…

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