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\ #どらもっち無料プレゼント !/ フォロー&リツイートで10日間連続、毎日1万名様に、ホイップと小豆の絶妙なバランス!もちもち生地の「どらもっち あんこ&ホイップ」が当たります(^^) 9日目は11/21 10:59まで!…

3 weeks ago


Stunning tifo by the Malaysian fans! #AsianQualifiers

3 weeks ago


SuperM's 1st mini album 'SuperM' charted in the 'Billboard 200' chart, moving up 12 ranks to 65th place, as well as…

3 weeks ago


RT @NamJJnist: With all the talk about diversity and pushing boundaries i at least thought they'd get a nomination but i guess it's not the…

3 weeks ago

Jason Mills

RT @ChuckCallesto: BOMBSHELL: Brennan Created SECRET TASK FORCE To Destroy Trump..... -Former CIA Analyst- RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU WANT THE…

3 weeks ago