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Charlie Kirk

Socialism has been tried over 100 times, resulting in over 150 MILLION deaths, all over the world. It’s not that S…

4 days ago

Robert Reich

Trump hasn't mentioned “looming threat” of caravan since Election Day, because he created it for the election. NY T…

4 days ago


Farewell! - Last tribute piece, was my initial idea to do something like this from the start, this one took a bit…

3 days ago


RT @corklab: \ コルクラボ5期生募集開始! / 11/24の文化祭も近づく中、コルクラボでは12月合流の5期生を募集します! ①一般応募枠(どなたでも応募可能)30名程度 ②紹介募集枠(既存会員からの紹介)20名程度 参加必須の説明会などもありますが、ぜひご応募…

3 days ago

Prince Vij

RT @ANI: Words like urban naxal, presstitute, anti Indian are created by ppl who don’t know what democracy is. They want to scare you&make…

3 days ago