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Jeff Merkley

Wall Street: 1. The rest of us: 0. Are the Republicans working for the big banks or their constituents?

3 weeks ago

The Joint Staff

#GenDunford held a press conference yesterday on the collective efforts of intl chiefs of defense to combat…

3 weeks ago

Department of State

Deputy Secretary John Sullivan: Blockchain has the potential to become a transformative technology of our lifetime.

3 weeks ago

stephen martel

@phil200269 @crusher614 @carrieksada @LeahR77 @steph93065 @ChristieC733 @FreedomChild3 @Braveheart_USA @jko417…

3 weeks ago


Illegitimate Election Results!!! .@USSupremeCourt @GOP Congress: FIX! Declare Hillary President Or Obama interim p…

3 weeks ago

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Lance King

@Bill_XCIII My little home Linux server is a retired former desktop PC I built 8-9 years ago. Not bad for a Biosta…

3 weeks ago

Hardcore Gamers

BIOSTAR Launches Flagship RACING Z370GT7 for Intel’s 8th Gen Core Desktop Processors #Biostar #Z370GT7...

1 month ago