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Larry Elder

"George Wallace may be gone, but we can witness our federal gov't sending agents..." --@BarackObama 7/30/20 "…

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The Gospel Coalition

If I say “Christianity can be true for me, and Islam is true for you,” I’m not taking the beliefs of either of thos…

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Vikrant ~ विक्रांत

There are many Mosque in around RJB temple, many of them abandoned. Even in Babri, they did not offer prayer for de…

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sanatana whitepills

@SarcasticABDUL @Islam_Malik007 @jagritysablok1 ask your local imam to expunge it from the islamic holy books in In…

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Souvik Chaudhuri

@TheNRIindian @onimabisht @neha13648905 @RanaAyyub Yes Islam is a political concept. U can't accept d land which wa…

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