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@kellster I used to hv bitlord but haven't used in ages. Will hv a look at Vuze n see :) I haven't d/l these things in yrs. n00b now :3

8 years ago

❥ Amy Louiiseee™

@jamie_ashforth jammmmie I need ur help bitlord wise lol!! X

8 years ago


@b_flo828 yo download bitlord it's the same as limewire

9 years ago

Chloe Sandall ✌

@LaurenJBatty if not I'd recommend BitLord, best Torrent I've ever used, **.

9 years ago


@caaarriiee all you need is something like bitlord and its easy then to download them but it probably does seem confusing at first tbh.

9 years ago

joe cank

@joellingram @kokeusg @mavericksabre ahahaha might do depends how much it is bro lol proberly wont be on bitlord yet anyway so i might have

9 years ago

Noubear x

@Demibezemerx bitlord x

9 years ago

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