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U.S. Secret Service

In Remembrance: Special Agent Nole E. Remagen. This week the U.S. Secret Service lost one of America’s finest. We a…

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James Fallows

Agree w this 100%. It’s not just that @McFaul is a Russia scholar and a *citizen*, deserving the loyalty and protec…

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Scott Dworkin

“Putin would like to kill me, like he killed my lawyer. To hand me over to Putin is to hand me to my death... it’s…

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Indivisible Indy

RT @SenDonnelly: Joe is working toward quality, affordable health coverage for Hoosiers and urges the Administration to stop efforts that h…

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DoReMeFaTt'w moon

RT @NASA: We’ve already located 150+ active volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon Io & may have found 1 more! @NASAJuno data points to a new heat sou…

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