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Donald J. Trump

REPUBLICANS of Louisiana, it is really important for you to go out and vote on October 12th for either Eddie Rispon…

1 month ago

Twitter Support

We've been experiencing outages across Twitter and TweetDeck. You might have had trouble Tweeting, getting notifica…

1 month ago

Diamond and Silk®

Nancy Pelosi admitted to knowing what was in the phone call between Trump & Zelensky. How did she know what was in…

1 month ago

SciTech Europa Laboratory Supplies Directory

Total Lab Supplies offer a complete waste management and disposal service for your chemical waste. Learn more abo…

1 month ago

Jon Thompson

@jaytge @BigJohnnyArcher IMAX digital aspect ratio is 1.9:1 Not 1.78:1 that is HDTV aspect ratio or 16 by 9

1 month ago

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