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Sharika Soal

Ignoring black on black crime didn't stop the slaughter of 9 people in Chicago leaving 45 wounded this weekend. I…

1 day ago

Simran Jeet Singh

Black folk should care when Muslims are expelled from pools. Muslims should care when black folk are kicked out of…

1 day ago

Breakdances With Wolves Podcast = Baby Makin Music

When white people feel under attack, even if it’s a cyberattack, it’s front page news. When Brown & Black people a…

22 hours ago

Bubbling Blue Crab 🇨🇦

RT @ramzpaul: Real @salon news stories. Except the word ‘white’ was replaced with ‘black.’

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#DemSoc in the Deep South 🌹

Why are white people such snowflakes? "Matson was a state delegate for President Trump's presidential campaign and…

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