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‘3’ Power Success Quotes to Live By…

3 weeks ago

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Elizabeth Warren

When John McCain and I worked together, he’d say: “Show some fight. Get in there – throw some punches.” That was hi…

3 weeks ago

Rep. Eric Swalwell

We are remembering John McCain today. Go shout this into a pillow somewhere.

3 weeks ago

Joko Widodo

Setelah merebut medali perak Asian Games 2018 estafet 4x100m bersama tiga rekannya, Lalu Muhammad Zohri pulang ke L…

3 weeks ago

Gatta Harmon

RT @ABC: WATCH: Part one of Meghan McCain's full tribute to her father, Sen. John McCain. "He was a great man. We gather here today to mour…

2 weeks ago