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Proletine Pröll (Kaiserin von Niederösterreich) 🍻

man darf solche ansagen schon ernst nehmen:

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hartz4hilfe: JobCenter Chef festgenommen!

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Ari Fleischer

Call me a cynic, but based on history, 1) they’ll suspend today and begin again tomorrow 2) they have alternative…

2 months ago

Bakhtawar B-Zardari

Ground reality on delivery vs Negative Propaganda on #SindhGov. What other province has this or an alternative to t…

2 months ago


Our planet is too precious to waste time reasoning with climate change-deniers and indulging alternative facts. We'…

1 month ago

Paulo Melter

Soaking The Feet With The Mint And Lemon Mixture Reduces Stress! - Organic Alternative

1 month ago