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I'll be in #JAPAN! 日本に行きます! RT@YoshikiChannel【11- /20(月)22:30〜生放送決定】#YOSHIKI #BIRTHDAY SP 2017 & 伝説対談 Vol16 #GACKT 緊急…

1 day ago


韓国は本当に寒い。。。寒すぎてびっくりだ。 It's sooooo cold in Korea. I am surprised at the fxxking cold. @GACKT…

20 hours ago


金浦空港にて。素敵な笑顔たくさん貰いました。 At Gimpo airport. They gave me a lot of smiles. Thanks. @gackt…

7 hours ago

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Yes, I heard the latest news. I find it pretty dodgy that L.O.V.Entertainment doesn't even have an official website. I'm worried for Gackt.

1 month ago