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The Extraordinary Xilla

Such a beautiful answer from @HereIsGina who really opened up about the importance of representation in films. Than…

13 hours ago

The Extraordinary Xilla

I love how Killmonger's goal is resonating with people out here. I asked Ryan Coogler if it was a play on Martin…

10 hours ago

The Extraordinary Xilla

Since we are basking in Black excellence of #BlackPanther right now. Here is a still from Shaft with all three Shaf…

4 days ago

A Galván

Trash! Why they cast him and not someone who can act

1 minute ago

Baylan Hefferman

RT @BlogXilla: #BlackHistoryMonth documentary, “The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X will air 2/26 on @SmithsonianChan. This doc will show never-befor…

17 minutes ago

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