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Thomas L. Friedman

Once again: If you want to read a book on Saudi Arabia today by someone who truly knows every sand dune and has int…

19 hours ago

The Telegraph

A group of activists has released a 51-page review of a leaked copy of the manuscript of a book, shelved by Bloomsb…

11 hours ago

Bloomsbury UK

Bloomsbury presents #Piranesi by Susanna Clarke, read by Chiwetel Ejiofor. Out in audiobook now. It’s #LoveAudio…

3 hours ago

Russ Jimmie

RT @LarrySchweikart: A report that Bloomsbury is paying the fines of BLM thugs suggests judges must be draconian in sentences and go with j…

4 minutes ago


RT @xgabegottliebx: This must be the most comprehensive reader on German Idealism (ed. Marina Bykova). Extends way beyond the big four - Ka…

5 minutes ago

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