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Don Winslow

Dear Republicans, After 19 armed cops failed to perform the most basic function of their job, your response is to…

1 month ago

Anand Ranganathan

Why are people angry at Tikait? That old rogue had one job & he did it. Direct your anger at this govt instead, fo…

1 month ago

Srinivas Mohan

Hats off @ssrajamouli vision @DOPSenthilKumar composition @sabucyril expertise. Wonderful job by @MPCVFX.Previs by…

1 month ago

Graham Lambert

RT @paulwaugh: Martin Reynolds, who was the PM's principal private secretary in No.10 during Partygate, was expected to be in running for j…

1 month ago

salami kazeem

RT @Shane___Martin: And that’s the basic system. Instead of my agency being the full time (60 hr p/week) job that it should be, it consum…

1 month ago