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Imam of Peace

Graphic warning. Pakistanis slaughtering a cow on the Indian flag to “own” and insult India on its independence day…

1 day ago

Guy Verhofstadt

This graphic shows the value of the EU single market & cooperation. Instead of being rule-takers, working together…

17 hours ago

Yvette Cooper

Has Govt really not decided what immigration rules it will apply on 1 Nov if there’s No Deal.... ? This story sugge…

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RT @aw_2929: 皆で@3500Nao のリプに貼り- まくったら詐欺辞めるんじゃ...ね? 皆!頼む🥺🤫

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RT @Wear_Blossom: [RT추첨] 🌸니트 심플 터틀넥🌸 데일리하게 입기 좋은 폴라 터틀넥 상품 준비해봤어요! 코앞으로 다가온 가을! 때에 맞춰 이제 완전히 F/W 시즌을 준비해서 데리고 와봤답니다💘 매치가 쉬워 어디에나 가볍게 즐겨입…

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