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Mark R. Levin

There’s simply nothing revelatory in Woodward’s book.  It’s all hype and self-promotion. KyXNj8tFBy

3 days ago

Anne Helen Petersen

My book on millennial burnout comes out next week and please forgive this thread of promotion to try and convince y…

3 days ago

Ian Schafer+

This is great promotion for @brianstelter’s book

1 week ago

Amanda Porkka

RT @WFvanderHart: Starting today I am running a week long promotion on my book Rejuvenation. Don't miss out to buy it for only 0,99$ https…

3 minutes ago

Subash Basnet

@k_colonialism Research of how our memory works and what can we do to learn in better way. I am very thankful to yo…

4 minutes ago

Elana McDougall- Hidden Magic Author

RT @TBRreviews: "Writing a book is creative but selling it, is business!" The #ReadingDesk supports authors with valuable book reviews and…

4 minutes ago

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