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Gears Champion, Flamingo

@kaijukinglord @aBruno1987 @LaserblastJones @touchmycow @jvdgoot @shaun_vids Because they didn't try to go over boa…

1 week ago

Nick Beaudrot

So the Chamber has lobbied against using the DPA, and Jared is on board. But it's still a chance to be a Manly Man…

1 week ago

Susan Chini

RT @ContentHonest: @KarluskaP Look closely here folks. "Live from the bunker" is written on the chalk board and "TALK TO US TOM H" is writt…

1 week ago

M. Smile : )

@TheWeek This man should watch what he say...Trump might throw him over board without a life jacket.

1 week ago

Bisi Kuku

@m1ax @Shernaperez1 @ChadPergram Biden who called a voter HORSE face and wanted to beat up another. The same man wh…

1 week ago

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