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"They have done amazing work on my family's teeth!" says Kimberly on Google, via @Birdeye_

4 hours ago

Molen Orthodontics

"I got my braces 😁 off today and couldn’t believe that these were my teeth! I’ve always been self conscious of my…

5 hours ago


"The staff is super friendly and responsive, any questions or concerns were addressed then and there." says Nicole…

10 hours ago


Kau dulu muka mcm budak set2 main minecraft,kumpul kad pokemon and main konda kondi tapi bila dah pakai braces perr…

11 hours ago

Dr Denise Higgins

RT @CochraneOHG: Which approach is most effective at maintaining teeth in their new position after the end of treatment with orthodontic br…

13 hours ago

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