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okay, yknow, come to think of it this is actually hilarious bc you see their dots on the minimap moving around. jus…

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Dots, the Empress

RT @imzeferino: when gravity falls and earth become sky; fear the beast with only one eye ⚠️

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𓂀The truth is out there

@james_jas85 @snicoara @Stephen43242951 @T__E__S__L__A no i took earth and space science, it’s all theoretical. and…

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Matt Smart

. Crete stone. Ruddy earth. . Symbolism of symbols . Two dots over a 'u' is an umlaut. eyes, an umlaut above that…

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High up above the Rio Grande Valley.. To see the blue herons high up in the skies, wide circling..cork screw.. high…

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