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Keyt Nyaw

@KayneCo27 Im addicted to u don't u know that ur toxic 🎶 it's Britney Bish

12 hours ago

sissy slut britney

RT @PropertyOfJobi: Feed him every day, make him addicted to You!!! #PartOfHisDailyRoutines #caged

21 hours ago

Awesome Music Lyrics

I'm addicted to you don't you know that you're toxic. -Britney Spears

1 day ago


"with a taste of a poison paradise. i'm addicted to you dont you know that youre toxic" — Toxic - Britney Spears @areumdamwo

1 day ago

knee haters all died

RT @GermanDebby: I swear I'm addicted to Britney Spears's fragnances Every week a new one...😂🙈

2 days ago

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