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Dear #Amazon or #Kindle, when you update my Kindle app on my phone, why in the flying f* do you change my app prefe…

11 hours ago

It's amazing (not) how crappy these resesrch quest #Snorlax are. Almost not worth the effort. #Niantic #PokemonGO

3 days ago

Boss Raid, and we get a "Time's Up" with six seconds to go? Really #Niantic? Really? #PokemonGo I'm already slippi…

1 week ago

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【安らかに】白戸家の初代「お父さん」、カイくん天国へ 28日未明、老衰のため死んだことが分かった。16歳だった。

2 weeks ago

Bumblebee Tuna

Yo Stormy Daniels coming to Tex-Mex lmaoo

2 weeks ago


RT @AverilsDad: Thank you to @itvanglia for sharing our voice. We will not stop until we see real change in eating disorder services. https…

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