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Elise Reed ❤

Guess who didn't do their budget sheet for Biola ✋


7 years ago

Vanessa Fournier

Kind of feel like a loser....I'm actually having fun planning out and organizing a Budget Plan sheet... Haha:P


7 years ago

ur so indie it hurts

Can we all take the moment to appreciate the quality of this sheet, my school is the best. #BUDGET http://t.co/su8eeZQa


7 years ago

Content Removed

@darceyjane_ ohhhh how wild of me heheh, we have to do the positive and negatives of a budget surplus!:) complete opposite of the sheet x


7 years ago


I can't make a budget sheet. Or a chi square test. This is hopeless.


7 years ago

Paid In Full!

December CREDIT CARD statement In? #Bank Account EMPTY? Get out of DEBT FAST! FREE Budget sheet@ 800-234-6781 http://t.co/OVPOx1MC


7 years ago


RT @ComRecForAll: Big cost (in dollars + lives) to not investing in services like access to rec. Simple balance sheet of budget chief si ...


7 years ago

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