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Dan Crenshaw

Fun fact: Patagonia uses fossil fuels for its clothes (synthetics are a petroleum product). It’d be helpful if the…

3 weeks ago


★HAPPY BIRTHDAY★ 今日は秋組・兵頭十座くんの誕生日です! 本日の主役から一言:十座「学校に行っても寮に帰ってもスイーツを貰える一日だった。どれも美味いし嬉しいプレゼントだったが…こんなに祝ってもらえることが、何より…

3 weeks ago

Gov. Mike Huckabee

So Dems are against “white privilege?” Then why aren’t they screaming over Hunter Biden getting $50K a month for g…

3 weeks ago


RT @indriwul_: Gak cuman anak STM doang yg lempr balik gas air mata tapi MAHASISWA DI SAMARINDA juga melawan dari kampus POLITEKNIK NEGERI…

3 weeks ago

It doesnt matter

@pierobuccellato Her responding is a mistake with her position. Hopefully she and the other new execs learn to not…

3 weeks ago