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Vonda Ashley

5 Steps to Budgeting Success - http://t.co/ZNe4YQVM


11 years ago

Jason Mendez

i went to seminars on budgeting my student loan before i came to college and i fell into the exact trap the speaker was talking about (n)


11 years ago

Jake Field

@raqi_descoto @johnnyjimenez64 @mr_anthonybosco @biz_nasharr @little_fish56 budgeting problems


11 years ago

Kristin LeTourneau

@LilMama0716 I only get $518 a month. Its all about budgeting. And we don't have cable I don't have a car.


11 years ago

Jessica Rushall

I'm going to be so much better at budgeting next term. This whole 'being a student' malarcy is easssssssy.


11 years ago

Ruben Engel

Budgeting and watching cheesy #etv movies right now. The joys of a nocturnal workaholic. #perfectEve #geek


11 years ago

Lauren Mead

@tomfromhr YAY!!!! Budgeting is good...but also important announcements too.


11 years ago

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