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@ChadOfSaudi @awwadsalotaibi @Malinowski @RepCasten "they will put that money" By that logic anyone repaying debt t…

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@GavinNewsom Cmon Gavin. We’re not stupid . Many of your followers are but the producers are not the enemy . The pe…

1 month ago

Gary Plourde

@joncoopertweets You think so? With inflation at 10% and stocks down 40%? AFG, 13 dead soldiers and $100B equipment…

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Just... Chris

"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." First, convince me this pardon does all that much good. Like the…

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Dave Stein

One of the biggest things I see juniors do is let perfect be the enemy of the good. Get your stuff working and out.…

1 month ago

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