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This is what Burger King is like in Japan 🍔

17 hours ago

Fight For 15

Burger King workers strike for better pay, conditions #FastFoodGlobal #WorkersStrikeBack…

1 day ago

Samis Proaño🇪🇨

RT @joericksmiles: lo mejor que me pasó hoy en el burger king xd My #TeenChoice for #ChoiceLatinArtist is @CNCOmusic…

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RT @Dreey_Santoos: Você me deixa tão feliz Burger king❤ 😍🌴

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Steve Schmidt

As a Catholic I would like to see Pope Francis speak out on this and I would like to see Cardinal Dolan and a major…

1 day ago

Johnny (Joey) Jones

I went through @ChickfilA drive-thru yesterday and when she handed me my food I told her I hadn’t paid... she spoke…

1 day ago

The Kenn Leandre

You can buy food at almost every corner in Tokyo and you'll be hardpressed to spot litter. you know what are the…

2 days ago


RT @nsdoku: Zum geplanten #Mahnmal zur #Bücherverbrennung am #Königsplatz in #München haben wir nun online einige Informationen: https://t…

20 hours ago

Jordan palmer

@YourPalRoss A horse eating a chicken burger

20 hours ago