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RT @Spiritlessons: A great documentary on Noah's Ark has been uploaded to Check it out!

2 months ago

Tyler Lund

MP3 Audio Bible NIV KJV

2 months ago

Sarah Austria♥ JESUS✝️

"Rewards and Houses in Heaven" Click this link for the full story of the rich pastor and the poor woman:…

2 months ago

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RT @purpletrousers: "All manner of things shall be (un)well" A remarkable wee film asking some big questions to try to make sense of things…

1 month ago


These are the divine revelations that the archrival is scared of bc they've been baring witness to Ancient prophecy…

1 month ago

ruth wilson

Despite all the challenges, trial, and tribulations that I went through this year, I refuse to label it anything le…

1 month ago