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John Moorehouse

The @ThisIs_Progress Revelations of Divine Love tourney is a fun watch. @CFlossWrestler & @ZoeLucasPro are both pro…

3 hours ago

Jonathan R Heaps

MON 11/20: Read Johnson, “Theological Case for God/She” (D2L); Julian of Norwich, “Revelations of Divine Love” (D2L)

4 hours ago


Unfortunately the world we live in is such that people latch on to simplified summaries they’re taught as kids, the…

9 hours ago


Katie Scarfe reads Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich

13 hours ago

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Art lover's memoir tells revelations of the mystery of Madonna of Divine Love

1 month ago


When you start up @ThisIs_Progress Revelations of Divine Love and @Glen_Joseph IS IN THE RING INSTEAD OF…

1 month ago


@JGN195 @vusha29 @shaynay07 @ajithm69 @DrShrinidh LOL. I don't believe in 'divine' revelations in any religion.

1 month ago


@AnaMyID @vusha29 @shaynay07 @ajithm69 @DrShrinidh So you agree that some Most Merciful Creator did not some Divine…

1 month ago