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Glenn Oakes

Please enjoy the #sundayvibes responsibly. Sunburn, #skincancer, and fast aging skin are not good.…

22 minutes ago

member of a sexually dimorphic species

@helvelyn1960 @JaneSymons1 Not just the online name either, but the whole kit & caboodle. ixwWh

1 hour ago

Simon Foster

@mikeyambrose Had someone mixing up deprived and depraved a while back. Very different things obviously 😬 Lot of lo…

2 hours ago

Andy Taylor

@oufcbish @toryboypierce @mailonsundaySTL Cummings was wrong, there's no doubt about it, but by Johnson not sacking…

2 hours ago

#1 kasvot växt: í rokk fan

RT @JohnWalsh_: @philatticus Publicly funded elections etc, the whole kit and caboodle needs to be torched

8 hours ago

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Maurice Moe Mitchell

Can anybody in law enforcement help me understand why police officers would make it their official business to loot…

13 hours ago

Alyssa Milano

Trump needs to be removed from office. He is unfit to be President. There. I said it.

20 hours ago

Ilhan Omar

WE WATCHED HIM GET MURDERED. This case needs to be removed from the Hennepin County Attorney's office and placed u…

1 day ago

Andrew Adonis

RT @Andrew_Adonis: It looks to me that Robert Jenrick has a case to answer on corruption & abuse of public office in his decision as Housin…

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Mohamad Fassy

RT @bbcweather: Met Office stats show it's been the sunniest spring in the UK since records began in 1929. It is also set to be the driest…

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