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It's AMAZING to be in a artistic environment full of talented artist from around the world. #CalArts

5 years ago

Kelliann Cameron

Sang some beautiful music, saw my lovely friend kill the stage in her musical, and now watching my student's show! #calarts

5 years ago

MaryKatherine Riley

my first gallery show at calarts is about how i want to hang out with bunnies but they run away from me and i get sad

5 years ago

Adore It Ange!

man i tell you... like... i didn't get into calarts, or scad, but i got somewhere. i did something. i'm proud of myself.

5 years ago

Jennifer Gaynus™

@sassbender --I want to apply to CalArts but apparently they rarely accept people straight out of high school.

5 years ago


man still unsure to apply to calarts gosh i just feel like dang whats the point

5 years ago

scott j lee

@jekims calarts school of art

5 years ago

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