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Rodgers Kipembe Mpuru

'Plenty be found within our boarders - that's Canaan.' RAO in Nyamira.

6 days ago


@joe_israeli @klassikist @cvoule @AlMezanCenter @POTUS @mikopeled @YosephHaddad It was Canaan before Judea, the Phi…

1 minute ago


RT @Angelik_Mari_03: -¿Acaso te llamas canaán? Porque pareces mi tierra prometida🥰❤ -y tu te llamas Moisés? porque no vas a entrar😂😜🙈

5 minutes ago

Chris R.

@BadSermons Pretty sure it wasn't military might, but the promise of God that overcame God's enemies in the land of…

8 minutes ago

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