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In other news: the STD prevention ads in California are becoming confusing. Saw one where “Gonorrhea” was in bold c…

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Koalas have a lethal STD problem, but sequencing the cute marsupial’s genome could soon lead to a chlamydia vaccine.

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This STD was discovered in 2015 and some experts think it could become a superbug by 2025.

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DANNY-der schon wieder

15.07.2018 / 3:14 Std. gelesen Kapitel 27, Seite 237 bis Danksagung Seite 304 von 07:23 Uhr bis 08:39 Uhr von 09:20…

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Österreich Jobs

Reinigungskraft St. FlorianII - - Caritas Österreich Location : O AT Reinigungskraft St.…

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