Candy tweets

honeyyBEE :

I want some candy.

4 years ago


Successful car seat to crib transfer. WOOHOO. I am totally going to give Gabe a Candy Cane Joe Joe when he wakes up tomorrow for that.

4 years ago


i am too. RT @_uhhleeahh: Seriously RT @_helloimDarshon: sike! RT @_uhhleeahh: @_helloimDarshon can you bring me candy please?

4 years ago

Mountain Drew

Hammertime, Rosemary, and Cotton Candy: My shipping trinity. This is all I need in life. Make this canon, Hussie.

4 years ago

DEC.13 :

Fat fat be having all the good candy

4 years ago

J@n3113 $w@n$0n

My 100th follower will get a piece of candy lmao

4 years ago


RT @DesejoHumor: Quem tem ciúmes levanta a mão : iͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥ- ͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥ☺iͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥ- ͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥͥ

4 years ago

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