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The Elephant Sanctuary

African elephants grow up “sparring” with family members in their herd as a way to test one another’s strength thro…

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Audrey Irvine

Trump and CNN's Jim Acosta spar over classification of migrants as an "invasion" @Acosta

1 week ago


.@DineshDSouza #DonaldTrump ‘Doesn’t have that fear’ of talking to African Americans. Rolan…

11 hours ago


RT @JustineLimLaw: Just bought a liter of milk at a Spar in Bulawayo. Yesterday in Joburg I paid R9.99 for it. Here it is R45.52. When an e…

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پارسا داداش آنيسا

@brightroom @BestFarsi اگه اين پروپاگاندای گلوباليست ها و مارکسيست ها و حماقت شاه و پاچه خواری اطرافيانش و خيانت نف…

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