Candy Bar tweets

Caleb Leiker

Kit Kat + Twix candy bar birthday cake. My wife knows me too well!

5 years ago

Eric Sorensen

@bpchase1233 hooray!! So proud!!! Victory candy bar after season is over #dontgainweight

5 years ago


@JR2Raw lol ok, buy you a candy bar :)

5 years ago

♀Get -In- (TUNE

I would'of grabbed a candy bar before anything !

5 years ago


Hmmm...this candy bar taste good...I'll buy more tommorow

5 years ago

Timmy Kaufman

At Candy Bar in Edinburgh with my best girls havin an amazing day, totally luv life......

5 years ago


I have a serious craving for a 100 Grand candy bar.

5 years ago

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