Candy Store tweets

justin nesser

@kaylynvalentine kid in a candy store status Hahaha

5 years ago

Candace Boyd

Try to beat me! My Ruzzle username is 'can:dance'. @ruzzlegame

5 years ago


Go to the store asking for one poster board. Walking out with like candy, food and Advil.

5 years ago

will tomlinson

John is like a kid in a candy store with this 1st generation ipod touch he just got ahold of now that it has wifi

5 years ago

Gabriel Benitez

@The305ivyleague Word yo! I mean Chilla slipped up at the end, but those bars by both..I feel like a little kid in the candy store right now

5 years ago

Tom Hockin

♫Cause she’s an uptown, get-around, anything-goes girl, girl. She’s a hardcore, candy-store, give-me-some-more girl, girl.♫ @St_Aug_News

5 years ago

Joshua Tabak

On #2BrokeGirls a hot ex came back to say she's the one, then they makeout in a candy store. This speaks to me. The candy, I mean.

5 years ago

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