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I love when a new addict buys one candy to try, and later one comes for more :) Get yourself a treat too ;) Welcom…

13 minutes ago

arthur “andrea long” chuu

RT @burdened_incel: whats up guys im the antifa retard, a guy who talks in a fake retard voice and throws candy at proud boys [everyone get…

4 hours ago

Tom Laurence

RT @SharonIsrael5: @tyler_casper @SCalveryTalley I’m ambidextrous when it comes to candy. I’ll eat candy with the toes of my left foot held…

4 hours ago

Blanka Fekete

Featured Art of the Day: "Candy Addict". Buy it at:

7 hours ago

S T E A K [🥩] S T O I C

@thejaysoncross @MitchHeaslip The sugar addict in me will never die. I blame my parents for letting me eat candy an…

8 hours ago

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