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megan's type 🇩🇴

The only people I'm physically attracted to enough to kiss on the spot, if the opportunity presented itself, are wo…

15 hours ago


@SPajwani @makinggardens I love Munstead Wood. I’ve learned to live with the black spot, the perfume & colour are worth it.

1 day ago

long and erotic cock-a-doodle-oo

I couldn't figure out why this one spot in my room smelled very strongly of perfume and it turns out like 2/3 of a…

1 day ago


@flowersxoo He'd found himself a quiet spot in the corner to enjoy the smoothness of what the towns best whiskey ha…

2 days ago

丨ㄥㄥㄩ爪丨 乙ㄖㄥᗪㄚ匚Ҝ

Two answers. You must recognize isn't wise using a perfume that helps the adversary to spot your presence by smelli…

2 days ago

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